Att planera ett avsked i
livets svåraste stund

Death. The only certain thing in life. And yet – especially in western society – death may often seem as something overlooked in our lives. Ignored. Denied. Fear of death makes us look the other way. Until that day, when it strikes down in our lives. Paralyzing us with shock and despair.

Handeling the funeral of a loved one, is something that most of us only have to go through one or a few times during our whole life. Besides being painful, the process is also complex – as we’re exposed to a lot of expectations and legislation from society.

Lavendla aims to make this whole process less painful, more intuitive, and transparent. Together, we went on a mission to make the service fully customer centric – from planning the funeral on the website, to handeling the details in the internal CRM system, and fulfilling the ceremony.

Arbetet har bland annat omfattat:

  • Målgruppsanalys och kundresor
  • Intervjuer och användningstester av prototyper
  • Empatikartläggning
  • UX-design i form av wireframes, storyboard och flöden
  • UI-design för webbplats och affärssystem


Lavendla Begravningsbyrå


Research, kundresor, empatikartläggning, användingstester, UX-design och gränssnittsdesign


Webbplats & affärssystem


2017 – present

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