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Hi! We are STHLM Experience Lab – a human-centered UX and service design agency. Through empathy and understanding of your customer behaviors and needs, we help you build desirable, usable and profitable products and services.

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How to shift from opinions to insights

When you base important decisions on assumptions, the risk of any change is extreme. Customer research is the start, and foundation, for making informed decisions for your business. We will help you to collect critical insights through:

  • Customer Journey & Impact Mapping
  • Usability Testing, Customer Interviews and Studies
  • Data Analysis & Industry Benchmarking

”It has contributed enormously to Lavendla … keeping the users thoughts and emotions in focus, regardless of other circumstances…”

Jakob Nordström
Founder & CEO, Lavendla

Customer journey with touchpoints to improve

Building the right thing, and building it right

Great user experiences are the results of structured and efficient innovation work, where alignment and a shared understanding caters for joint efforts on prioritized pain points. We bring a complete toolkit for every part of the process:

  • Generative Research & Empathy Mapping
  • Evaluative Testing, Metrics and Data Analysis
  • Design Sprints and Ideation Techniques

”We made sure to thoroughly understand the platform, what its goal were … it delivered something that exceeded our highest expectations.”

Haider Abdo
Founder & CEO of Returnado

UX - att bygga en minimum viable product

Align through empathy + data

Gaining empathy for your customers, and combining quantitative data patterns with qualitative insights, is at the core of building better products and service. This approach needs to be integrated in all touch points, and into your teams day-to-day work. We’ll get you started through:

  • Aligning teams (product, sales, support etc)
  • Running Design Sprints & Workshops
  • Accessible and Actionable KPI:s & Metrics

“…Erik has incredible knowledge within Human-centered Design, and a fantastic pedagogical skill…he taught us the importance of a ‘shared understanding’ of the user”

Jeanette Kimland
UX design student, Nackademin

What's in it for your business?

Opinion-centered organisations often suffer from:

  • Misaligment between teams
  • Tedious and unproductive meetings
  • Constant guesswork & risk-taking
  • Fear of mistakes & changes
  • Decreased customer loyalty and satisfaction

=     Never learns anything new

Customer-centric organisations can gain:

  • Alignment & well informed decision making
  • Motivated employees with clear responsibilities
  • Critical insights of market demands
  • Dares to challenge status quo
  • Increased customer loyalty and sustainable growth

=     Innovation & increased profit

Take the next step to improve your customer experience:

Workshops & Courses

Maybe you want to boost your current skills within UX? Or you need help in taking the first steps of transforming your organization to a modern, customer centric business.

Our services

We'll help you in both sharpening your offering, and improving your customer's experiences – through customer centric design and thorough research & analysis.

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We help everyone from smaller startups, to larger international corporations, to work efficiently with UX, usability and customer experiences. Let's get in touch and talk!

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