Designing for experiences,

We will help you with:

  • Research, customer journey mapping & target groups
  • Impact mapping and collecting critical business insights
  • UX design, prototyping and usability testing
  • Customer centric workflows for management & teams
  • Combining customer needs with business goals & resources

You will get:

  • Clear, measurable return on investment
  • Decreased support & production costs
  • Increased profitability & competitive edge
  • Alignment, efficiency, real customer insights and well informed decision making

Do you need help in designing better products & experiences?

It’s easier to get started than what most people think. The most important thing is to take the first step!

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UX seminars and workshops


UX & Design Thinking workshops and training

We coach organisations on how to get started with the same methods that we use in our daily work:

  • Research, usability studies, interviews and testing
  • Customer journey mapping & target group analysis
  • Building a shared vision & value proposition
  • A customer centric design process based on real customer insights
  • Prototyping, wireframes, storyboards and building a MVP
  • UX-design, interface design & design systems

The steps for working with UX and becoming a customer centric organisation

Our clients hire us because they want to be truly customer centric

They often feel stuck – in the fear of making mistakes, in not being able to make informed decisions, and in the lack of a working methodology for creating change.

Their state of existence, is something we refer to as ”opinion-centered” (the opposite of customer-centered). When decisions are based on opinions and assumptions, the risk around every change is extreme.

We will help you in shifting to a customer centric approach, built upon efficient teamwork, real customer insights, and well informed decisions.

The costs of misalignment

In a meeting of 10 persons, there’s also 10 different opinions to consider. Trying to move forward in an opinion-centered approach, is exhausting. ”Great, you take action on this” you say – but did anyone really understand what needs to be done?

We will help you shift focus to one shared, customer centric perspective, built on customer needs and motivation. Clear, practical methods that allows you and your co-workers to work efficiently towards your business goals (instead of everyone just prioritising for their own Christmas bonus).

Problem with misaligment in meetings

Customer journey with touchpoints to improve

Customer journeys for gaining a shared understanding

To work effectively towards enhanced customer satisfaction, improved user experiences and increased business value, we need to build a deeper understanding, and empathy, for the ones we design for.

Customer journey mapping helps us study the behaviour of your customers, defining their needs and mapping the world around them. What are their biggest pains & gains, and at what point do they occur? How might we improve? Where should we start? These are all questions that we can answer, once everyone in your organisation aligns around a shared understanding of the customer.

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